Super One Donates Proceeds From Community Day To Marquette Township

Marquette, MI August 16, 2022- Marquette Township’s annual Catch the Vision Community Day at Lions Field was a big success on August 6th from 8 AM till 10 PM!
Township residents and friends came out and enjoyed chatting with each other while enjoying the sun.
Despite late evening rain, people had a gorgeous wonderful time listening to the band Diversion which played at noon. the Reveal followed at 3 o’clock and The Maynard’s wrapped it up that evening.
On the other side of the park, a day long softball tournament commenced. Parents and children alike thank Marquette Township Business Association for sponsoring the family area with the inflatables.
Families also engaged with Marquette townships fire fighters, Police Officers , and EMT’s as they gave tours of their vehicles and equipment.

Super One Foods manned the grill all day and donated profits to the Township.  Pictured is Super One donating nearly $1,200 to Marquette Township as they served brats, burgers, chips, water and pop all day long.


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