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Marquette Township Business Association has been building a community of entrepreneurs since September 15, 2015. We hold core values as an association to help build and grow Marquette Township with a flourishing economy as a team. We work hand in hand with the Township Planning Commission & Board of Trustees for a better Marquette.

Seven Great Reasons Join MTBA


Attending monthly meetings helps you to meet and chat many of the businesses and owners who also live and work in Marquette Township. Get to know like-minded people who have been living and working in the area.


MTBA members work together with Marquette Township to build strong businesses in Marquette Township. As a group, we have a stronger voice and can collaborate to help get things done.

Inside Scoop

Attending monthly meetings can help keep you informed on upcoming changes in the business environment in Marquette Township. Know what’s to come and help keep your business apart of the community.


By making your presence known, other business can connect with you and your business to create strong relationships and bonds beyond what you might be able to do yourself and give you access to services you might not have been aware of without us.


As an association, our members work together to help support each other in trying times, offering support and guidance to help keep the Marquette economy strong. Meet with members and work together with us on your struggles.


Marquette Township Business Association is more than businesses meeting. We are members of the Marquette community, and often time host and present community events you can get your business involved with.


With supporting relationships, community involvement, meetings with the township, and more, MTBA helps businesses grow and create a robust foundation to last in the Township. We strive to see Marquette Township grow and can guide your business down that path.


MTBA provides a lot, so there may be something we missed on our list of great reasons to join us! Feel free to contact us via e-mail or over to phone to learn more about the benefits of joining our community.

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Yearly membership fee is $100 due before December 31 of the preceding year. $150 for multiple properties any number)

Make checks payable to: Marquette Township Business Association

Mail (or drop off) to (Comfort Suites):

2463 US Hwy 41W, Marquette, MI 49855