Brookton Road Improvements

MARQUETTE, MI – Temporary improvements for Brookton Rd. in Marquette Township have begun. The project is being done in conjunction the Marquette County Road Commission realignment of Co. Rd. 492/Brookton Road. A three-way stop will be created there, similar to the Commerce/Brookton intersection. The curve will also be taken out going west on Co. Rd. 492 toward Lost Creek.
Lyn Durant, said the work being done is expected to last 5-7 years according to the Marquette County Road Commission. A complete repaving and widening of Brookton Rd. and a walk/bike path continuing the same on Commerce Drive south, would cost over $1 million.
The Marquette County Road Commission suggested regrinding the road, which would be less expensive, but it wouldn’t be as cost-effective as what’s being done. The Road Commission will start by patching the holes in Brookton Rd., adding another layer of asphalt and finishing it with a sealing coat. They will also add a slight angle to the road for water run-off, which is what caused the road to deteriorate.
According to Township Public Works staff, repairing water/sewer infrastructure will occur the next time the road is redone, and will include repairs to the bridge.
The current project is estimated to cost $75,000 to $76,000 and is being paid through 2012 budgeted funds.

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