Marquette Township Water Rates Holding Steady

While it is uncertain what the new year’s budget will bring in January, Marquette Township residents and businesses do not have to worry about water rate increases at this time.

Marquette Township Hall

Marquette Township and the City of Marquette have an agreement to work together on water finances for both the township and the city. With an independent study done every three years on the water budget, both the organizations budget for operational expenses.
According to Marquette Township Manager Randy Girard, the most recent study showed a $3,000 operational balance that was found to be the township’s responsibility to cover.  Girard says the township budgets for these types of expenses for maintenance and other services the system may need.
Girard added it is unknown what the budget will look like next year. There still could be an increase in water rates, according to Girard, but it will not be due to the operational costs produced by the study that are the responsibility of Marquette Township.
Marquette Township

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