New Kennicott Park-N-Ride in Marquette Township

A new park-n-ride for mine employees is going to be added behind the American Mall in Marquette, next to Target.

Kennicott Parking

At a recent Marquette Township board meeting, attendees pointed out that not all the parking lots in Marquette County were being used fully. Plus, Kennicott buses employees regularly from the Marquette area to the mine. It was brought up that reusing a parking lot would make the most sense. Marquette Township and Kennicott agreed to the new park-n-ride behind the American Mall.
The parking lot chosen is currently gravel.
Normally there would need to be a building erected for a parking lot to be constructed in the township, but that is not the case for this new facility. In the agreement with Kennicott, the township allowed a variance for the situation.
For more information you can contact the Rio Tinto Eagle Mine Information Center in Marquette at (906)273-1550.
New park-n-ride

American Mall next to Target


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