Should The MTBA Accept ‘Associate Members’

The Marquette Township Business Association met yesterday for their, now monthly, meeting at Hudson’s Classic Grill & Bar.
One of the main topics discussed was whether or not “associate members,” as Frank Stabile, MTBA Chairman, called them, who do business and have a customer base in the Township, but do not have a store front,  should be allowed to become a member of the Business Association.
American Transmission Company owns some transmission lines running through Marquette Township and they filed to become a member. They are a Wisconsin based company and do not have a local store front. Becoming a member would give them the right to vote on township issues that would effect the businesses in the area, but not necessarily their own business. They are the first to go through the process and send a check to the MTBA for membership.
One solution brought up was allowing them membership, but denying them the right to vote.
According to Lyn Durant,Vice-Chairman, other businesses, who do not have a Township store front, have inquired about becoming a member, but ATC is the first to follow through. The MTBA does not like turning people down, but in this case their are some issues that need to be examined.
The MTBA will ask the Executive Board to come up with a recommendation on what to do about associate members, before they follow through with ATC.

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