Brookton Road Benefiting Marquette Township Businesses

Marquette Township Business Association
The intersecton of Brookton Rd. and Co. Rd. 492

With the Brookton Road construction completed, local businesses in Marquette Township are starting to reap the benefits!
Owner of Flooring Outlet Center, Scott Patrick, is one of those Marquette Township residents.
“Although it was a painful process having all the construction in our front yards. I see the larger picture with the improvements of traffic flow. Now that it is over our traffic and visibility has increased. Along with paving the balance of Brookton road. I am very happy with the direction Marquette Township is taking regarding traffic flow and attempting to minimize US 41 corridor. As the saying goes, no pain no gain,” Scott said.
Marquette Township Business Association
Flooring Outlet Center likes the improvements!

Drive down Brookton Road next time and see if for yourself!

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