US-41 Corridor Advisory Group November 13, 2012 Meeting Minutes


Betsy Neznanski– MDOT, Thyra Karlstrom – Marquette County Planning, Jason McCarthy –Marquette Township, Andy Sikkema – MDOT, Jeff Rautiola- MDOT, Russ Williams- City of Negaunee, Jon Kangas – City of Ishpeming, Steve Lawry – Chocolay Township, Dave Lemire – Marquette County Sheriff Department, Aaron Johnson – MDOT, Joe Scanlon – Negaunee Township, Ron Bergman – Miller Bradford, Matt Anderson – Miller Bradford, Vic Romback – Vietnam Veterans, Lynn Cheverette – Vietnam Veterans.

  1. Review October Meeting Notes

  2. Miller Bradford/Vietnam Veterans Site Update

    • Closure of drive to the Vietnam Veterans building is not an issue as there is a low volume of traffic to the building which most occurs at off peak hours. MDOT and Negaunee Township have both agreed to allow the drive to remain open. Vic Romback expressed concern if the drive is closed it would adversely affect property values for the site if the Veterans decided to sell the property in the future. Andy informed them that MDOT cannot deny access to property off the highway but part of our Access Management Plan is to encourage the use of shared driveways to reduce the number of drives onto a highway. Miller Bradford has been notifying customers and vendors that access to their building should be via the Airport Road access drive. Jeff R. will amend the permit to note that the drive closure for the Veterans is no longer required.

  1. Agency Update

  • Marquette County Sheriff – getting ready for black Friday, Aaron reported that the signal lights will remain active all day Thursday thru Friday evening with no flash phase.

    • Marquette Township

      • Brookton Road work is complete except punch list items.

      • The New Township hall facility has footings poured.

      • The access drive for the Starbucks mall should be completed this week.

      • The Township has an updated master plan; the plan is available for review.

      • Two more stores are looking at the site next to Lowes, site plans have not been submitted.

      • South of Lowes there is also a tentative development for a national chain restaurant.

      • The Township has placed a joint sign provision amendment in their sign ordinance to help reduce the sign blight in the township.

    • Marquette County Road Commission

      • CR 595 still waiting on the EPA to approve the permit, they should hear by December. The improvements to CR601 & M95 are scheduled for the spring.

    • City of Negaunee

      • There is work on a wastewater line in the City which is progressing nicely. The proposed park and rid was approved by the planning commission but is on hold by MDOT until funding is obtained.

    • City of Ishpeming

      • Malton Road will be paved in the spring. The City will plow approximately ¼ mile more this winter but will not maintain the whole road this winter. The section of the road between the business route and the Heritage Trail still needs grading and paving completed.

    • Negaunee Township

      • Some concerns with blasting that Smith Paving is doing at their location next to Shunk Furniture. There have been some complaints with rock in the road and damage to nearby property.

      • Marquette Powersports new building roof and wall structures are up, project is moving along slowly. The redevelopment of the existing Powersports building will need to address the ROW issues at that site. It was suggested to place a note in the deed with conditions for development.

    • City of Marquette

      • US-41 & Seventh Street intersection is still experiencing car stacking with the new pavement markings.

      • US-41 & Washington Street signal (2013) will have an all red phase to provide some gaping for traffic trying to enter the highway from businesses.

    • Chocolay Township

      • Bacco not done with sewer work on US-41, the township is getting concerned it may not get finished.

      • The delineator posts on the new section of road are different than on M-28, why? Aaron reported that the posts placed on the new section are part of the contract and are placed at curbs and corners. Delineators placed on straight sections of road are done by the maintenance agency on an as needed basis.

  1. Construction Update

    • 2013 – Concrete Pavement Repairs – Marquette Township to the bypass.

    • 2015 – Shiras Hills Resurfacing – From the Carp River to Front Street – Construction of 8’ paved shoulders and moving the curbs back.

    • 2016 – Ishpeming Intersection Improvements at 2nd and 3rd Streets.

    • 2017 M-553 Curve Realignment (Glasses Corner)

  1. Site Plan Review

    • Autozone – US-41 and Commerce Drive. The proposed site plan would eliminate a drive off of US-41; the business would use the existing drive to the American Mall to access their business. Recommendation from the group would be to create an access drive off of Brookton Road to promote interconnectivity and to provide access off of the corridor.

    • Drainage for site should be reviewed to determine impact on US41 or adjacent County Roads.

    • Overall proposed site plan looks OK.

  1. Road Safety Audit – US-41 Intersections of Second & Third Streets – Ishpeming

    • The Road Safety Audit was conducted in October, Aaron is still waiting for the written recommendation from the group, he will present the findings at the December Corridor meeting. The feedback from the audit group would be to construct a roundabout at the intersection and to close 3rd Street to thru traffic. The City of Ishpeming would also need to make an interconnection between 2nd and 3rd Streets as part of the development.