Marquette Township’s ‘Catch the Christmas Spirit’ Tree Lighting – Photo Gallery

Marquette Township’s “Catch the Christmas Spirit” 2nd annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony was a big hit!
Tons of families came out to listen to the Marquette Redmen Choral sing Christmas carols and have cookies and hot chocolate. They were also surprised when the Good Elf rolled in in the Pink Limo. The Grinch was also there trying to ruin the tree lighting!
Right before Santa showed up on the firetruck, the Marquette Township Sheriff’s caught the Grinch, who had been sneaking around, and arrested him. Tree lighting was a success.
In the Westwood Mall, the kids sat on Santa’s lap and UPAWS was there helping out our furry little friends for the Christmas Season!
Bill Richards was giving free horse-drawn sleigh rides in the parking lot as well!
Everyone had such a wonderful time “catching the Christmas spirit!”
Thank you to: The Marquette Redmen Choral, Super One Foods for the cookies, Beanerella’s for the hot chocolate, Checker Cab for the transportation, Marquette Township fire department for the firetruck, the Marquette Township Sheriff’s for catching the Grinch, Westwood Mall for the location, Bill Richards for the horse-drawn sleigh rides, all of our actors, the Marquette Township Planning Committee, Great Lakes Radio for the stage and sound system, UPAWS for helping us celebrate, to everyone for coming out and enjoying the event with us and to anyone we may have forgotten for making the tree lighting a success!