December 2011 Treasurer Report Ernie Johnson

Ernie’s report from the December meeting, and this is directly out of the Minutes:

There will be 2 meetings on new facilities at the end of the first quarter/beginning of second quarter. Reg said it would be helpful to have bodies at these meetings.
The first and second weeks of January, there will be meetings held to gather input from the township and to get information on the facilities. Discussions will include what the public wants for the new facilities and how it will be paid for.
Ernie said that three months of budget work was done.
Water rates stayed the same, sewer rates went up, and garbage rates went down.
The biggest cost was for the waste water plant. Gail and Ernie discussed ownership and costs. Lyn and Gail said they wanted to see justification for the costs, and that more people need to attend budget sessions.