January 2012 Jason McCarthy Marquette Township Planner Report:

Jason said that it was important for him to be associated with the group. He is a conduit of information and would prefer to attend every meeting so he can be a sounding board.
Jason discussed the site plan for the project west of Lowe’s known as “retail ABC.” Dick’s sporting goods pulled out of the project due to economical issues, and TJ MAXX is a confirmed retailer for the 13,000 sq ft space. A 24,000 sq ft space is reserved for an unknown national chain that does not currently have any businesses in the UP.
Jason then discussed revisions to the sign ordinance that would require all signs to be professionally installed and designed. The new ordinance requires signs to be framed in and will allow signs on all sides of a building.
Jason went on to discuss how reduction in parking for businesses will lead to cost savings for businesses. Parking will be based more appropriately on net sq footage rather than gross sq footage.
Jason discussed the township facilities and a new building with offices as an example for potential businesses. He added that things that are specific to the township need to be exploited to diversify the area.