NEW Marquette Township Hall and Community Center Open Soon!

After 15 years in the works, Marquette Township is finally moving into their new Town Hall and Community Center this August.
Watch this video as Randy Girard explains the layout of the new facilities and their plans for future growth.

Marquette Township Business Association
Town Hall Plans

The Town Hall will provide an excellent community space including a large recreation room, patio, kitchen and lots of office space with room for future growth.
The last of the furnishings are due to arrive next week and one big move is planned for the 10th and 11th of August.
Marquette Township Business Association
Randy Girard, Marquette Township Manager, gets ready to make the big move.

Both the Community Center/Town Hall and the Fire Hall will cost approximately $4 million, and the Town Hall will be paid off in the next 7 years.
It is being paid for completely by the board, not by residents, taxes or millage.
Marquette Township Business Association
Marquette Township 2013 Projects: Community Center, Fire & Rescue Facilities