Marquette Charter Township Closes Road For A Day

Marquette TownshipThursday October 20, 2011 – Developers & Construction crews continue developing new business plots in Marquette Township. The road that connects 41 to Wright Street had to be closed for a day to run under ground utilities.
I got a chuckle watching travelers whom normally turn off 41 by John Deere to go to Cruise-N-Coffee or Elcom Services or Willey’s Tire Service. Crews had a big pile of dirt in motorists way for the day before this picture was taken. Once seeing this large pile of dirt, Motorists immediately turned left and traveled through the backside of the gas station and chose to go right back out on US41 by Napa.
An inconvenience? Yes…but just for a day and the short wait was worth the progress.

This pile of dirt extended all the way across the road for a day