Business Spotlight: Super One Foods of Marquette

Marquette, MI – May 4, 2016 – Located near Westwood Mall, Marquette Township’s Super One Foods is the perfect spot to stop and shop. Having been part of our business community for years, Super One Foods of Marquette brings low prices right to our neighborhood.
Walking into the story you will immediately find some of the freshest produce in the county. With a large assortment of fruits and vegetables, Super One Foods makes it easy to find just what you are looking for. Super One gets seven-day delivery on all of their produce to make sure everything you see is fresh and ready to eat!

The supermarket’s meat department stocks meat products in both their pre-cut refrigerated section and the full service case. In the pre-cut section you can find packaged chicken, pork, beef and more! Super One Foods tries to maintain a specific price point for their clients and stocks mostly Angus beef, but also select beef. At the full service case, there is always at least one person behind the counter grinding or cutting just for you. In this area, you can purchase just one steak rather than three, or half a pound of hamburger instead of a full pound! The full service case ensures you can get what you want, how you want it.
Super One Foods Marquette also has a fresh bakery department. Every morning, the department workers bake to create everything you see set out for the day. You can order a custom cake or pick one up from the freezer section. With fresh baked goods every morning, you can pick up donuts on the way to the office or hamburger buns and a custom cake for that birthday party you’ve got coming up!
Super One Foods of Marquette offers low prices and better choices right in your neighborhood. The store also has other specialty departments including a floral section, a deli department, and a fresh fish case. Even after the first Super One Foods sign was hung in 1977, our Super One Foods, right here in Marquette, is still focused on saving you money every time you stop to shop. Experience customer service second to none at Super One Foods of Marquette.