Range Bank Moves Its Headquarters to Downtown Marquette

range bank headquarters corner of front and washington streets in marquette michigan
Headquarters of Range Bank, at the corner of Front and Washington streets in Marquette.

Marquette, Michigan  –  February 12, 2014  –  Range Bank is pleased to announce the move of their headquarters to the corner of Front and Washington streets in downtown Marquette.

The new location, formerly known as the iEconomy Building, is currently home to Range Bank’s Executive Management and Trust and Wealth Management team as well as the Operations Department, Teller Operations, and Mortgage Department. Range Bank expects to occupy the entire building and add their Commercial Lending Department by the end of 2014.
“We are very pleased,” said Kenneth Palmer, Range Bank President and CEO. “We recently celebrated 126 years of serving Upper Michigan communities and we are proud to say we are the only bank in Marquette with its headquarters in the city of Marquette. Our new headquarters will provide the space we need to continue growing our company into the future.”
About Range Bank  –  Range Bank, established in 1887, has on-balance sheet assets exceeding $275 million in addition to managing approximately $255 in off-balance sheet business sweep accounts along with sold commercial and mortgage loans plus trust and wealth management assets bringing the total assets under management to $530 million.
Range Bank serves its customers through a network of 12 offices located in Marquette, Dickinson, and Houghton Counties, including an office within Marquette Township, located at 3195 Wright Street. More information about Range Bank can be found on their website, www.rangebank.com.