Update on the Annual Meeting & Holiday Party

Marquette Township Business Authority  annual meeting christmas party doctor surrell
James A Surrell, MD talking about the SOS Diet

Marquette Township  –  January 28, 2014  –  The Marquette Township Business Association held their Annual Meeting & Holiday Party on January 21st at Hudson’s Bar & Grill in Marquette.
Business was conducted and membership is up to 42 members with 7 pending for payment of dues. Gordon Food Services, SIR Federal Credit Union, Whistler’s Garage & Towing, and Wells Fargo were welcomed to the Association. The Membership Drive officially ends on January 31, but the Association will continue to take new members throughout the year.
The Co-Chair and Secretary positions are open. The group thanked Lyn Durant for her service and reluctantly accepted her resignation since she has been such an integral member of the group.
Marquette Township Business Association annual meeting christmas party doctor surrell  SOS Diet Stop Only Sugar
Doctor Surrell’s SOS Diet Rules: 1- Low Sugar, 2- High Fiber, 3- No More Rules!

James A. Surrell, M.D. was really, really good.  Members present were glued to his words.  His basic concept is to SOS- Stop Only Sugar.  He said too much refined sugar does bad things such as produce excess insulin and cholesterol. Our body then stores the excess as fat.
He presented details from some 700 scientific journal studies outlined in his book on the 5 non-sugar sweeteners and debunked the myth that these are unsafe and that they cause cancer.  Surrell showed there is not a single scientific study that they are anything but completely safe. If you don’t like a certain sweetener, just try one of the four others. Your body passes these sweeteners straight through without activating insulin and cholesterol.
Numerous folks at Marquette General have gone on the SOS Diet and had dramatic losses — 100-190 pounds.  These are outlined in the book. Dr. Surrell also talked about cholesterol.
He said HDL is Happy cholesterol (the good kind) LDL is Lousy.  The real measure is your total cholesterol divided by the HDL. If it’s less than 4, you’re just fine.
Basically we consume too much sugar, pack on too much weight, and have too much cholesterol.  If we become label detectives, and keep our refined sugar down to 20 grams, we will lose 5+ pounds a month.  Once you hits 30 grams, most people maintain weight.  SOS- Stop Only Sugar. Here are the rules: 1) Low Sugar, 2) High Fiber, 3) No more rules.
Dr. Surrell’s site is www.sosdietbook.com and can be reached at sosdietdoc@gamil.com