Beautification of Marquette Township Welcome Signs

Marquette Township Welcome Signs Beautification Project July 24 2014 Michigan 027

Members of the Veridea Group, Township Planner Jason McCarthy and MTBA Chairman Frank Stabile working together to improve the eastbound US 41 Welcome Sign.

Marquette TownshipJuly 24, 2014 – Marquette Township Business Association members and Marquette Township Planner Jason McCarthy worked together today to re-stain the Welcome Sign at the west end of the township and prepare the area for planting new floors.

The beautification project, a joint effort between the MTBA and the Township Board, will be taking place throughout the summer and into the fall.

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MTBA Welcomes Newest Member

Marquette Township  -  June 3, 2014  -  Precision Services is the newest member of the Marquette Township Business Association. Precision Services is a lawn care and property services business serving homeowners, businesses and the government as well.

Owner Jason Wester was born and raised in Marquette. After 13 years of service in the U.S. Army, he came home to start his business right here in Marquette Township. Wester says his company strives to maintain standards of quality and professionalism that exceed the expectation of his customers.

The Marquette Township Business Association welcomes Jason Wester and Precision Services as our newest member and community partner.


Jason Wester – Owner of Precision Services

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New Township Business Welcomed

Marquette Township  May 16, 2014  -  Thomas Theatre Group joined the growing list of Marquette Township businesses as they opened the doors to the new Marquette Cinemas Friday afternoon on Commerce Drive.

Thomas Theatre Group is dedicated to bringing the latest cinema industry technology to the Upper Peninsula. Committed to hiring locally and creating jobs in the community, Thomas Theatre Group adds 30-50 jobs to the Marquette Community.

The Marquette Township Business Association welcomes Thomas Andes and the Thomas Theatre Group as a new member and community partner.

Frank Stabile, Chairman of the Marquette Township Business Association, presenting First Dollar to Thomas D. Andes, president of the Thomas Theatre Group

Frank Stabile, Chairman of the Marquette Township Business Association, presenting the “First Dollar” to Thomas D. Andes, president of the Thomas Theatre Group

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Fox Marquette Wins Subaru Award

Fox Marquette Subaru Ford Upper Peninsula

Fox Marquette Subaru Ford Upper Peninsula

Marquette  -  Friday March 14, 2014  -  Fox Marquette would like to thank each and every one of our wonderful customers for helping us earn the prestigious Subaru Stellar Care Award for 2014!

Only an elite group of Subaru dealers achieve this recognition each year as a result of achieving and maintaining Stellar Care performance standards and objectives in their facilities, sales department, finance department, service and training. Here’s to another year of stellar performance in every aspect of the business!    A Great Big Thank You!

Don’t Miss The Dome!   We are proud to be part of the Annual Dome Sale for another year! Visit us on March 14-16, 2014, at the largest wooden dome structure in the world, right here in Northern Michigan at the NMU Superior Dome.

The Annual Dome Sale is a car show and car lot all in one. It’s 100,000 square feet of cars and a place where you can find your next car and then drive it home from the dome.

dome sale march 14-16

Dome Sale March 14-16

Annual Dome Sale Hours: Friday: 3 pm – 8 pm, Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm, Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm
Admission and parking is free.  We look forward to seeing you at the Dome this year.

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Congressman Benishek Met with MTBA This Week

Congressman Benishek Meets with MTBA

Pictured (left to right): Jenn Wallner of Grandchamp, McBride & Prophet; Anna Reynolds, MTBA Secretary; Peggy Loy of Century 21 Prime Realty; Congressman Dan Benishek; Marla Vancheck of the Mad-SIGN-tist Sign Shop; Scott Patrick of Flooring Outlet Center; and Rick Ovebey of Superior Oasis.

Marquette Township  -  February 20, 2014  -  The Marquette Township Business Association met with First District Congressman Dan Benishek on Tuesday, February 18th at Hudson’s. The meeting was a round table discussion of MTBA concerns as small business owners in Marquette Township.

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Range Bank Moves Its Headquarters to Downtown Marquette

range bank headquarters corner of front and washington streets in marquette michigan

Headquarters of Range Bank, at the corner of Front and Washington streets in Marquette.

Marquette, Michigan  -  February 12, 2014  -  Range Bank is pleased to announce the move of their headquarters to the corner of Front and Washington streets in downtown Marquette.

The new location, formerly known as the iEconomy Building, is currently home to Range Bank’s Executive Management and Trust and Wealth Management team as well as the Operations Department, Teller Operations, and Mortgage Department. Range Bank expects to occupy the entire building and add their Commercial Lending Department by the end of 2014.

“We are very pleased,” said Kenneth Palmer, Range Bank President and CEO. “We recently celebrated 126 years of serving Upper Michigan communities and we are proud to say we are the only bank in Marquette with its headquarters in the city of Marquette. Our new headquarters will provide the space we need to continue growing our company into the future.”

About Range Bank  -  Range Bank, established in 1887, has on-balance sheet assets exceeding $275 million in addition to managing approximately $255 in off-balance sheet business sweep accounts along with sold commercial and mortgage loans plus trust and wealth management assets bringing the total assets under management to $530 million.

Range Bank serves its customers through a network of 12 offices located in Marquette, Dickinson, and Houghton Counties, including an office within Marquette Township, located at 3195 Wright Street. More information about Range Bank can be found on their website,


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Travel Needs Survey

UP North Airlines Sawyer International Airport Lake Superior Community Partnership

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Congratulations to Jenn and Andy Wallner – New Partners at Grandchamp, McBride & Prophet

gmp new partners

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Frost Line 72 Inches Below the Road in Marquette Township!

Marquette Township Road Maintenance

The grader is working hard to remove the ice pack and make Township roads safer to drive on.

Marquette Township  February 5, 2014  -  Marquette Township Grounds and Maintenance crews were out yesterday maintaining the roads today in a rather special way.

They had the giant grader out scraping the ice pack, three to four inches of packed snow and ice, off our local roads making it safer for all travelers.

Maintenance officials have a concern that by removing the ice pack, which acts like a layer of insulation, the frost will continue down. Township workers drilled down and found frost levels as deep as 72 inches!

Marquette Township Michigan ice pack on side of road

Scraping up the ice pack means extra clean-up for maintenance crews, but much safer roads.

The concern is that the frost will continue down to 96 inches, where the water pipes are and cause freezing issues for the Township. The silver lining is that it is February, traditionally a sunnier month. When the sun hits bare roads, there is a heat exchange which can help reduce frost penetration.

On another note, as of last Friday, the City of Marquette has had to thaw out 75 residents’ incoming water pipes due to freezing cold temperatures. Marquette Township just had their first one and noted that city maintenance workers are doing a good job keeping up with the demand, even going out on Superbowl Sunday to thaw out residents’ pipes.

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Update on the Annual Meeting & Holiday Party

Marquette Township Business Authority  annual meeting christmas party doctor surrell

James A Surrell, MD talking about the SOS Diet

Marquette Township  -  January 28, 2014  -  The Marquette Township Business Association held their Annual Meeting & Holiday Party on January 21st at Hudson’s Bar & Grill in Marquette.

Business was conducted and membership is up to 42 members with 7 pending for payment of dues. Gordon Food Services, SIR Federal Credit Union, Whistler’s Garage & Towing, and Wells Fargo were welcomed to the Association. The Membership Drive officially ends on January 31, but the Association will continue to take new members throughout the year.

The Co-Chair and Secretary positions are open. The group thanked Lyn Durant for her service and reluctantly accepted her resignation since she has been such an integral member of the group.

Marquette Township Business Association annual meeting christmas party doctor surrell  SOS Diet Stop Only Sugar

Doctor Surrell’s SOS Diet Rules: 1- Low Sugar, 2- High Fiber, 3- No More Rules!

James A. Surrell, M.D. was really, really good.  Members present were glued to his words.  His basic concept is to SOS- Stop Only Sugar.  He said too much refined sugar does bad things such as produce excess insulin and cholesterol. Our body then stores the excess as fat.

He presented details from some 700 scientific journal studies outlined in his book on the 5 non-sugar sweeteners and debunked the myth that these are unsafe and that they cause cancer.  Surrell showed there is not a single scientific study that they are anything but completely safe. If you don’t like a certain sweetener, just try one of the four others. Your body passes these sweeteners straight through without activating insulin and cholesterol.

Numerous folks at Marquette General have gone on the SOS Diet and had dramatic losses — 100-190 pounds.  These are outlined in the book. Dr. Surrell also talked about cholesterol.

He said HDL is Happy cholesterol (the good kind) LDL is Lousy.  The real measure is your total cholesterol divided by the HDL. If it’s less than 4, you’re just fine.

Basically we consume too much sugar, pack on too much weight, and have too much cholesterol.  If we become label detectives, and keep our refined sugar down to 20 grams, we will lose 5+ pounds a month.  Once you hits 30 grams, most people maintain weight.  SOS- Stop Only Sugar. Here are the rules: 1) Low Sugar, 2) High Fiber, 3) No more rules.

Dr. Surrell’s site is and can be reached at


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