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Why Join?

Why Should You Join

The Marquette Township Business Association?

Here are 7 GREAT reasons:

1. Collective Voice

2. Conduit

3. Inside Scoop

4. Outreach & Marketing at

5. Your dues support a new Membership Growth Coordinator/Executive Secretary

6. Immediate Assistance

7. Community Involvement

  • Collective Voice

There is power in a strong collective voice. There is ability and influence here. This is nice especially when your back seems against the wall and you need support. We share your same goals and concerns and have banded together for positive business change.

  • Conduit

This association is a conduit to the local governing authority with feedback to our group. At least one joint meeting a year with the township officials helps both of our groups to stay in touch. The Township Treasurer’s position (currently Ernie Johnson) is a permanent liaison to MTBA appointed by the Township Board. The Township Planner/Zoning Administrator is also present monthly, Jason McCarthy, to keep the line of dialog going between the Township planning side and the businesses.

  • Inside Scoop

Each month have a 59-minute board meeting and luncheon with fellow business associates and the township representatives. Learn what other business owners’ concerns are and share your views with township officials as they take the comments to the appropriate committees. It has become a very positive process.

  • Outreach at

As a member, we will link your business website to ours and the Township’s. Or if you don’t have a website, our webmaster and his staff are willing to create a site for you for a nominal fee. Pictures and happenings in your business can also be featured on our website, highlighting and welcoming business activities throughout the year. So please forward your email and website address for posting.

  • Membership Growth Coordinator

Your dues help support staff. Some of her duties include informing you about meetings, forwarding agendas and minutes and building membership ranks. We have nearly 50 members out of roughly 200 in the township and coordinates the presentation of the “First Dollar” to recognize new ventures in the community.

  • Immediate Assistance

There is always someone available to answer any questions related to owning a business in the township: email the MTBA at and we’ll put you in touch with the answer.

  • Community Involvement

By helping the township progress, the MTBA ensures that the township continues to be an area where businesses want to locate.

If you are interested in joining our progressive business association, contact Chairman Frank Stabile or call him at (906) 225-1225 or  contact Executive Secretary Sarah Stabile